fuck google

Alphabet Inc. is the holding company for google and several other of its subsidiaries. TBH I don't give a shit enough about this conglomerate to furnish the reader with a history, so you can wikiless on yer own time.

As a degoogler, I confess this was a difficult leech to remove. Yahoo: simple. Facebook: easy enuff. But ditchin' the googlebeast was a challenge. The basterds don't make it easy.

So pervasive is this company that hundreds of millions of people's lives would be thrown into disarray if its services were suddenly made unavailable. That's downright pathetic and also indicative of how much influence the Geelzebub has grown to exercise over modern man.

Anyway, I don't have any sort of inspirational tale to tell about this foul company. It is but one of the “Big Five” IT companies that dominate the digital landscape today.

With help from intelligence firms, think tanks, academia, and the state, these silicon valley companies all work together.

Why? To make the world a more connected place, of course!

To protect children!

To create jobs!

To save the world!

Blah, blah, blah, and a bunch of other asinine tropes to conceal the ultimate aim to implement a system of slavery that an unthinking public cannot detect let alone combat. Think, Plato's Cave—but with really fast wifi and an array of computer monitors instead of walls.

If you're the type of person that treasures all the redeeming qualities of being a human person, I strongly encourage you to divorce google now now now.

Not convinced? How about this excerpt from a 2020 article by cupwire:

“Google has been constantly embroiled in some kind of controversy for almost two decades. Between changing user settings remotely, manipulating search results, censoring their search results, exposing the private information of its users, dealing with constant antitrust investigations, acquiring businesses to further its data collection and analytics, obstructing investigations against them, and a slew of other matters, there's a lot going against them.

But this post isn't about any of that. It's also not about the things that could have negative privacy implications, such as Google Glass (featuring, the Glassholes) nor is it a bland read through of their privacy policy while making up hypothetical scenarios in which they collect the data they say.

What you'll find here are 13 years worth of scandals, mishaps, and borderline malicious decisions regarding privacy with Google at the center.”

You can read the full exposé here.

EDIT: the writer behind fmda, another instance of agorism.blog, does a devil's advocate of google here.