the advent Right on. Let the pine bough sway.

Anarchism. Libertarianism. Abolitionism. Privsec. Natural Law. Yeah. Whatever you wanna call it, the spirit is free. Like I tell my daughter from time to time: Different Word, Same Meaning.

Some days I feel like ~ If it ain't free, it ain't worth shit.

The web is still the wild west as far as I'm concerned. Shootouts aplenty. Yee. Fucking. Haw. Saddle up partner and so forth.

Basically, I just wanna use this pretty instance right here to candidly share the stuff I done learned about taking responsibility for my word and my deed. I'm not a rookie nor do I be a veteran.

Figuratively speaking, I'm a learning machine. There is no practical way I can reasonably share a fraction of what I manage to learn in a week, so I'll have to distill what I can muster, load the bazooka, aim, fire, and SPIT.

Big into the privacy/opsec movement these days. The ecosystem is a wild ass, magikal place. Clearnet stuff alone is really impressive. Just one look at or privacyguides is enough to keep a mate occupied for the next year alone.

Gettin into KeePassXC, Fawkes, Veracrypt. Librewolf, OSINT. Infosec training. Coding. Privacy frontends. You name it! Wintertime is always a high time to absorb new juices. Spring equinox will be here lickety-split baby. Dial it up.

What does it all amount to?

Can't say, bud. But for the time being, the silent war on privacy is being fought on several fronts and the general public is characteristically clueless/careless/apathetic. That said, the fight is on and it is a fireworks display. I am not in the bleachers; I have a roman candle.

Stay warm, fuzzy peaches.