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If you want to send a secure and private message, use PGP encryption. You can use PGP anywhere (email, social media, messengers, apps and more) — just paste the ASCII-armored encrypted message into the message box and click send. You can also encrypt files with PGP, e.g. for backups or email attachments.


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Twitter is increasingly hostile toward Tor and recently it is difficult to even login via Tor. 10+ Google captchas just to receive the error “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.” and attempt the 5 minute process again with a fresh exit node. You can waste 10+ minutes in this loop and still have no success to login.

In comparison, Liberdon ( is a Mastodon instance that doesn’t block Tor and is compatible with all Mastodon and Pleroma instances (which use ActivityPub).


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Recently there are several environmental concerns about Proof of Work mining which secures the Bitcoin and Monero networks. However, over half of cryptocurrency’s energy usage comes from renewable sources, which is increasing every year. A further portion uses energy that would otherwise be wasted (stranded energy). The energy used by cryptocurrency is also much lower than the energy used by the inefficient legacy networks of the banking system, Visa and MasterCard — which many people can’t even participate in due to KYC discrimination. Popular hobbies such as video games, scrolling social media and streaming Netflix also use large amounts of energy due to the required server farms and infrastructure, while cryptocurrency provides a vitally inclusive financial system that helps people today.


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Crypto Agorism unites agorists and cryptocurrency users to build fair and free markets outside of the state, which provide necessities like food, jobs, housing, healthcare, sim cards, mail & more without censorship or surveillance.

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First published in Vonu Podcast:

KYC unfairly excludes millions of people from daily life necessities. KYC-free agorist peer-to-peer markets offer work, housing, healthcare and more for everyone - no ID required.


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This is a response to The Reboot’s article, which discusses the dangers of perpetual tracking by Google, Facebook and Microsoft:

While the tracking by Google, Facebook and Microsoft is definitely disturbing and can even put people in danger, the state’s data economy is even worse. Many people don’t talk about this, even though it affects millions of people’s daily lives.


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Why is KYC-free important

Cryptocurrencies are intended to be a private and financially inclusive currency outside of the state’s monopoly on money (=fiat) and identity (=government ID KYC). For this, cryptocurrencies only require a pseudonymous randomly-generated cryptographic private key that you can generate with easy-to-use wallet software — unlike banking, no government ID or corporate permission is required.


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A collection of Second Realm ideas (KYC-free agorist services).


1) Decentralized KYC-free PO box network 2) Funding for Tor nodes 3) Proxy merchant for freelancers 4) KYC-free healthcare 5) Bitcoin AirBnB, apartment rentals 6) Crypto-friendly taxi and delivery


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First published in Bitcoin Magazine:

What is a circular economy?

A Bitcoin circular economy is a free market where you can trade any products or services for Bitcoin, including daily needs like food, jobs and housing.