20+ ways to join the Bitcoin circular economy

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Bitcoin is a unique, private and censorship-resistant way to pay in online and brick-and-mortar stores. Unlike credit cards and banking, Bitcoin doesn't require corporate permission or government ID. Just download a wallet and you can send and receive money in minutes, worldwide.

You don't need a bank account in order to use Bitcoin. For example, you can buy Bitcoin with cash (in person, by mail, with Bitcoin ATMs or vouchers) or with gift cards:

With Bitcoin circular economies, you can buy and sell products for Bitcoin. The following ideas can help you to get started:

  1. Sell electronics, clothes, food & more for Bitcoin with https://bitejo.com or https://t.me/bitcoinp2pmarketplace
  2. Earn Bitcoin with remote work, microtasks and gigs with https://microlancer.io (Software development, art, copywriting, tutoring, personal assistants & more)
  3. Find more ways to stack sats with https://www.stacksats.how
  4. Tip with Bitcoin in restaurants, bars or taxis or send Bitcoin as a gift: https://lightning.gifts
  5. Find local Bitcoin-friendly businesses and earn Bitcoin rewards while shopping with https://oshi.tech
  6. Browse hundreds of businesses that accept Bitcoin with https://acceptedhere.io, https://cryptwerk.com, https://lightningnetworkstores.com
  7. Search a large range of Bitcoin-friendly stores with https://spendabit.co
  8. View a map of Bitcoin brick-and-mortar stores here: https://coinmap.org
  9. Encourage your favorite businesses to accept Bitcoin with this brochure: https://twitter.com/linkinparkrulz_/status/1543348394181148672 or this introduction: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/bitcoin
  10. Accept Bitcoin in your online store with https://btcpayserver.org or https://blockonomics.co or use a mobile wallet in your brick-and-mortar store such as https://bluewallet.io
  11. Sell Bitcoin vouchers in your store (similar to phone refills) with https://azte.co and https://bitramp.co
  12. Send Bitcoin invoices with https://zaprite.com
  13. Buy gift cards to most mainstream businesses with https://bitrefill.com, https://coincards.com, https://thebitcoincompany.com
  14. Use a Bitcoin personal shopping service to buy from any online store, no credit card required: https://sovereignstack.tools/rerouter, https://proxysto.re
  15. Shop from Amazon and pay with Bitcoin with https://purse.io
  16. Get anonymous global mobile data with https://silent.link, an anonymous VOIP number with https://jmp.chat or SMS verifications with https://juicysms.com
  17. Earn Bitcoin tips by posting with https://stacker.news
  18. Support your favorite podcasters and earn sats with https://fountain.fm
  19. Monetize your Youtube channel, blog or social media by adding a Bitcoin donation address or Paynym: https://paynym.is
  20. KYC-free Bitcoin tips for Twitter: https://tweetoshi.com
  21. Enable Bitcoin tips, subscriptions and memberships for your content with https://starbackr.com or https://getmash.com
  22. Start fundraisers with https://geyser.fund, https://tallycoin.app or https://docs.btcpayserver.org/Apps/#crowdfunding-app
  23. Join or start a local Bitcoin marketplace for your city in Signal or Telegram: https://github.com/taxmeifyoucan/p2p-trading/
  24. Visit a Bitcoin meetup: https://bitcoin-only.com/meetups or start a Bitcoin group in Freedom Cells: https://freedomcells.org
  25. Switch to a Bitcoin-friendly VPS host and domain registrar: https://1984.is, https://bitlaunch.io, https://njal.la
  26. Easily send Bitcoin tips, subscriptions and shop online with https://getalby.com
  27. Read articles about living on Bitcoin from https://cointastical.medium.com, https://darthcoin.substack.com and https://sovrnbitcoiner.com
  28. Join online Bitcoin communities like https://t.me/sovereignbitcoiner and https://matrix.to/#/#citadel:bitcoin.kyoto

Replace these fiat platforms with a Bitcoin standard:

  1. Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy: https://bitejo.com, https://t.me/bitcoinp2pmarketplace, https://plebeian.market, https://mobazha.com
  2. Upwork, Fiverr: https://microlancer.io, https://freelanceforcoins.com
  3. Uber, Lyft, Deliveroo: https://degenrides.io, https://libretaxi.org (or buy gift cards with https://thebitcoincompany.com, https://bitrefill.com)
  4. GoFundMe, Kickstarter: https://geyser.fund, https://tallyco.in, https://docs.btcpayserver.org/Apps/#crowdfunding-app
  5. Patreon, Ko-Fi, Open Collective: https://starbackr.com, https://getmash.com, https://docs.btcpayserver.org/Apps/#payment-button
  6. Paypal, Stripe: https://btcpayserver.org, https://blockonomics.co, https://satsale.org
  7. Credit cards: https://paywithmoon.com, https://coindebit.io, https://thebitcoincompany.com
  8. Sim cards: https://silent.link, https://jmp.chat, https://juicysms.com
  9. Mobile payment apps: https://bluewallet.io, https://samouraiwallet.com

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