[Infographic] Join the crypto circular economy (Where to earn & spend crypto)

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Crypto is cash for the internet:

✓ Send and receive money worldwide without restrictions.

✓ Fast, low fees, no middlemen.

✓ No bank account or government ID required.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The original cryptocurrency. Widely accepted and easy to use.

Monero (XMR)

A private-by-default cryptocurrency. Low fees & fast confirmations.

As independent, privacy-friendly and censorship-resistant money, cryptocurrencies provide economic freedom and financial inclusion for millions of people worldwide.

1) Get a wallet

To get started with crypto, simply download a wallet to your phone or computer.

No application, account fee or personal information is required.

Wallets give you a crypto address, with which you can easily send and receive money.

Recommended wallets include:

2) Earn crypto

Crypto circular economies support free & fair trade for small businesses, freelancers and communities. Trade directly without middlemen.

Find jobs or gigs, sell second hand electronics, clothes & more, or accept crypto in your business with Bitejo.com (https://bitejo.com) – peer-to-peer classifieds for Bitcoin and Monero.

Unlike Ebay, Upwork or Etsy, Bitejo doesn't take any fees, doesn't require a bank account or Paypal, and is available worldwide.

More marketplaces:

3) Spend crypto

Shop with Bitcoin or Monero, exchange it to cash, buy gift cards or hold it as savings – the choice is yours.

a) Shop online

Thousands of stores already accept Bitcoin and Monero directly:

b) Withdraw cash

Withdraw crypto to physical cash with Bitcoin ATMs:

Or via cash by mail/in person:

c) Visa gift cards

Spend crypto with a Visa gift card (no ID required):

d) Store gift cards

Buy gift cards to popular stores like Amazon, Walmart, Steam, Uber & more:

e) Proxy merchants

Pay with crypto in any online store via personal shopping services:

Learn more about Bitcoin and Monero:

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