Liberate yourself and your community from state censorship, surveillance and coercion with Agorism. Agorism means peaceful, voluntary free markets, which include food, housing, employment, healthcare, travel, cryptocurrencies and more. For more information, visit:


If you would like to publish an article or blog (or mirror your existing content) about agorism, anarchism, libertarianism, cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Monero), privacy tools or other freedom tech, send an email to anarkio [at] (PGP) to receive an invite.

Instead of WriteFreely's KYC'ed Web Monetization feature, allows authors to add their Bitcoin address or Paynym (, or Monero address ( to their bio and articles, in order to receive private self-sovereign tips.


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Add a Bitcoin/Monero donation address to your articles:

Visit Customize –> Post signature and enter your donation address. Then it will display automatically at the end of every article.

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WriteFreely doesn't include image hosting. To add images to your articles, please upload them to, or another image host, then copy the URL and use this markdown code: ![Image description]( is home to 30 articles across 6 blogs.

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